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Emotive Technology, Robot, and Interface Design

A well-designed biomimicking robot can ply human empathy to establish strong emotional bonds with a user. Subtle biomimicking bots may have carefully-crafted, lifelike exteriors, or they may be much more simple in nature, using one or two lifelike elements to humanize a robotic interface. Through similar methods, emotive interface even without robotic form can have significant impact on a user's emotional state.


Ludic Engagement & Instructive Design

As hardware becomes more complex and users resist reading manuals and tutorials, instructive and playful design becomes crucial in streamlining user onboarding through ludic engagement. I design interfaces that experiment with simple, instructive design and novel communication protocols.

Bots and Automation

The connected world allows for tremendous automations, powered by well-built, integrated tools. I gather information with elegant, targeted devices and relay it to existing interfaces that maximize user engagement. 

Low-Barrier Interactivity

Familiar, non-electronic interfaces provide users with emotional anchors that lower barriers to interactivity and communication. Connected stuffed animals and paper electronics like the ones pictured above stimulate effective input regarding high-emotion experiences, such as emotional short films.