I design successful, effective technology with emotive, human-centered interfaces.

I believe in good, responsible design with the best that modern technology has to offer. I create objects that have streamlined, natural interfaces that maximize user benefit with the least amount of intervention. I design to protect users from the worst case scenarios of product failure. I design objects we connect with, not just because they are easy to use, but because they make us laugh, cry, or remember. My work meshes the advantages of modern, Internet connected, and "smart" technology with our everyday, tactile, emotive world.

SPEAKERSHIPS @ C2MTL, TEDxSoma, Hackaday SuperCon, Stanford, CCA, & more

On open source hardware, the internet of things in media, rapid prototyping, and automated design. 

FELLOWSHIPS @ Howard Hughes, General Electric, & The American Resident Project

In cancer biology, connected hardware and technology, patient advocacy and narrative medicine.

 PUBLICATIONS @ Nature Genetics, Neuron, Human Molecular Genetics, & more

On autism, microcephaly, surgical outcomes, neurogenetics, and cell signaling.

I have worked in technology, media, medicine, and art. I write and speak widely about human motivation and interactivity in connected interfaces. I have implemented developer experiences and run IoT workshops, designed interfaces for patient motivation in high-stakes settings, made trending content on electronics, and created hardware and software for research in bleeding-edge fields. The level of complexity in tactility, geometry, and human factors in connected interface design requires understanding and experience with people and interfaces from non-digital fields. My multidisciplinary experiences with the digital, physical, and human allows me to create effective and successful experiences for users.