I create custom designs for each project, with a focus on audience. I commonly work with hardware, software, video, marketing, product and visual design, and writing. I believe that good design requires an understanding of many fields, in order to anticipate user needs.

Because every project is so different and each client has different needs, it is difficult to showcase UX through examples. That being said, here are a few samples of some of my work.

If you are interested in something you don't see here, contact me. Chances are it's in my wheelhouse, and I just haven't posted about it.


POPFact Video

A short-lived project done for a friend attempting to target the Snapchat generation with "Pop-Up Video" style commentary for streaming content. I built the website, the copy, the extension, and the video trailer. I also sketched out the future roadmap for expanding audience and lowering content burden. This project has since been abandoned but the site remains.



A site for teaching electronics and showcasing hardware hacks in a low-barrier way. This one is an extremely edited template with custom design, CSS, and JS to accommodate my design choices for fonts, colors, logos, etc. I also designed and built each DIY hardware hack showcased on the site. I wrote scripts for the videos, shot the ones which were lower budget, and worked with a team for the high-budget content that appeared for millions of views on The Verge.


Joe Sabia's Portfolio Website

I sometimes offer a Squarespace-hosted service to clients who want to be able to post videos through a CMS. Templates offered by sites like this simply don't have the breadth that you need, so I edit them manually, sometimes quite a lot.


Particle's Visual Design

I did work for Particle, a hardware and software IoT platform company. They have both hardware and software products, and so need a design language consistent across multiple platforms, spanning the physical and digital worlds. I created various designs for their packaging and website that gave the platform a sense of unity and consistency through weighted lines and a "blueprint" feel.


Vector Ipsum

Some icon sets with little logos I made, to serve as a lookbook for some of my visual design clients. I also built and deployed this site as a weekend project.


The Happy Robot Company

My current work with custom lifelike robots, which use biomimicry and lifelike design to promote bonding and positive emotions. In addition to designing and building each robot, I designed, built and deployed this site. (Personally I think it needs work, but my own projects always seem to get the back burner.)